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To complement our peer support service we also facilitate sessions which are delivered by experienced professionals.

Professional Support

Spoons provides a needs led service. As so many of us involved with the charity have been parents ourselves we understand the needs and challenges of families experiencing neonatal care. We constantly engage with our families to find out what we can do to expand and improve on the professional support we offer.

Baby Weaning Sessions

It can be challenging weaning a baby who has experienced neonatal care, especially if they have feeding issues, reflux or respiratory needs. You get so much conflicting information from so many different people, sometimes it is hard to know what to do for the best. Our baby weaning sessions are delivered by professional Speech and Language Therapists and Dieticians. The aim is to deliver professional support for parents of babies who are thinking about weaning or have just started to. The sessions are informal and are a good opportunity to ask questions and pick up weaning tips. 

Professional Neonatal Support

The weaning sessions are run periodically and are advertised on our private parent Facebook group, if you are not on Facebook and want more information please contact us.

Paediatric First Aid

Parents of babies who are discharged from the neonatal unit receive Basic Life Support training, sometimes it is hard to take this information in on the unit, you are excited and anxious about taking your baby home and there is so much information to to remember. We run paediatric  first aid sessions for parents, grandparents, or anyone else in the family who may support you in caring for your baby. These sessions are run locally to the neonatal units and are free for our families to attend. They are delivered by accredited first aid trainers and are informal and informative sessions.

Professional Neonatal Support

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

If your baby spent a long time on the neonatal unit you may have missed out on some of the baby classes that are run in the local community. By the time you bring you baby home you may not feel comfortable attending classes with parents of newborn babies, especially when your baby may be older, yet smaller, than the other babies in the class. We run baby massage and baby yoga sessions for parents who have recently left the neonatal unit and are anxious about taking their general community groups or classes. Baby massage and baby yoga has many health benefits for your baby and you and it also a wonderful way to feel close and bond with your baby in a calm and comfortable environment with other parents who have been on the neonatal unit.

Professional Neonatal Support

Trauma Sensitive Therapy

Unfortunately the scars of NICU run deep and they don’t just disappear when your baby is discharged from hospital. Studies suggest that more than 70% of mums of babies who have experienced neonatal care suffer from mental health issues, and the number of dads affected are increasing too. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is unfortunately very common and the effects can be debilitating. PTSD can kick in immediately after the event, but sometimes it can be weeks or even months after. Sufferers of PTSD may recover with no treatment or very limited treatment, but for others the long term effects can be devastating. We aim to support the mental health of those families who have experienced neonatal care, including bereaved parents. We work with trauma sensitive therapists and are able to refer parents for counselling or therapy which suits their needs. Our therapists are trained in hypnotherapy, counselling, EDMR and trauma sensitive yoga.

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For more information on professional neonatal support email us at Or join our parent only Facebook group.